Quality office space
with flexible terms


Quality office space with flexible terms

Starting at CHF 250.-/sqm/year

location bureau Genève


This highly visible property is located close to the airport on Route de Meyrin, one of the main thoroughfares of Geneva.
There is a tram stop directly in front of the property providing access to downtown Geneva within 17 minutes, moreover, the property offers over 100 parking spaces, and it's very close to the airport, and to the highway exit. The building benefits from an attractive and flexible layout with the ability to have open-space or individualised offices depending on the tenant’s requirements. The property was previously occupied by Bacardi international headquarters and therefore, offers first-class, multinational standard infrastructure and services. For example, the site has excellent security services, a conciergerie, a variety of meeting rooms, quality facility management, and air conditioning. The offices are located on three levels and are able to accommodate up to 180 workplaces.


  • 1’650 sqm office space (dividable)
  • 300 sqm storage area (underground)
  • Up to 100 parking places
  • Up to 180 workplaces Available


  • Furnished or unfurnished office space
  • Short or long term leases
  • Air conditioning, ventilation system
  • Contemporary ground floor reception
  • Concierge available on request
  • Excellent natural light
  • Security / barrier at parking entrance
  • Privacy and access control
  • A variety of conference rooms
  • Cafeteria in the production building

Ground floor 703 sqm

location bureau Genève
location bureau Genève


Our rental packages offer potential tenants maximum flexibility. The office space can be rented to multiple tenants or to a single occupier on a flexible lease basis. As part of this unique offering we can provide furnished or unfurnished offices for short or long-term lease periods as needed.


This rental option is suitable for small businesses, which require office space for up to 10 employees on a flexible lease basis.
  • Available offices range from 10–125 sqm (most offices are between 10–30 sqm)
  • Access to conference rooms
  • Additional storage space of 30–70 sqm available
  • Parking places available
  • Rental rates start at CHF 600/month for a small office + service charges and taxes


This rental option provides work spaces for up to 60 employees.
  • Available private floors of 410 sqm
  • The offices come with additional 70–130 sqm of storage space
  • Rental rates start at CHF 250/sqm + service charges


This rental option is suitable for small businesses, which require office space for up to 25 employees.
  • Available areas range from 150–330 sqm
  • The offices come with additional 30–70 sqm of storage space
  • Parking places available Fully furnished offices available
  • Unfurnished offices with minimum lease term of 6 months
  • Prices are negotiable


Alternatively, the whole building can be rented. The building provides office space for companies with up to 180 employees.
  • 1'650 sqm of offices area
  • 300 sqm of storage space
  • Up to 100 parking places available
  • Rental rates negotiable, will depend on duration

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

A – Split by Zone

B – Whole Floor

C – Half Floor


Planes, trains, and automobiles are not the only way to get to 267 Rte de Meyrin, there is also a streetcar (tram) stop right in front of the property.
Located on one of Meyrin’s most well-known streets, the building benefits from the recent introduction of the streetcar that goes from the central train station to the CERN (Center for European of Nuclear Research).

Public and private transport options to the building are excellent as the building is located close to the Geneva International Airport (1 km), the motorway (2 km) and the ZIMEYSA train station currently been renovated (1 km). In front of the property, the tram stop Bois-Du-Lan connects passengers to the central train station Cornavin in approximately 17 minutes.
Meyrin is one of the most dynamic regions of Geneva with many real estate projects recently built or under construction. Not only does it host the CERN and international brands such as Bacardi, Chopard, Covance, DuPont de Nemours, Firmenich, Hewlett-Packard, it is also home to the brand new Geneva Haute Horlogerie Campus developed by the Richemont Group. Furthermore, Meyrin is currently home to one of the most important residential hubs in Switzerland with dozens of new apartment buildings coming to market in 2017 contributing to the extraordinary population growth in the area.
Right next door to the Bacardi property is a Jumbo and a Conforama. Opposite Bacardi is a retail center with a Media Markt, an Aldi and other retailers. In the Bacardi Production site, next to our building exists a canteen, which will be available for our tenants. Outside of the city center, this is the most attractive and convenient location for your business.
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Geneva International Airport 7 minutes

Cornavin Central Station/ CEVA connection 13 minutes

Entrance Motorway 3 minutes

Lausanne 48 minutes

Zurich 2h50 minutes

Geneva International Airport 14 minutes

Cornavin Central Station/ CEVA connection 17 minutes

Lausanne 1h05 minutes

Zurich 3h03 minutes

Tram station of Bois-Du-Lan, Meyrin In front of property

Railway station of Meyrin 10 minutes

Railway station of Zimeysa 20 minutes